What’s the story? About us

Hi there! So what’s the story? I’m Nat, short for Nathalie. I’m a 32 year old and I am part of that famous “Generation Y”, even if sometimes I think I am more part of the generation “why”. I am not a professional blogger, I have no particular talent and I consider myself as a complete amateur in all things I do.

You might be wondering then why I am working on this blog, if I am not a super fashion or beauty expert? Nor a trendy photographer? Nor a cool girl that cooks amazingly well with a #foodporn touch? I have started this blog because I hear everyday thirty-year-olds (and others) around me sharing their longing for a better life. They are talking about things like MEANING, FULFILLMENT, WELL-BEING, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, AUTONOMY, HUMANITY, NATURE, FREEDOM. And I relate to this, because 2 years ago I was phrasing these same words.

One day I stopped talking and decided to act upon it. I took a good look at my life, realized that I was not fulfilled and that I was not becoming the person I wanted to be. Even worse: I could project exactly how my next years would look like. I decided I needed a change: I quit my job, moved my things out of the apartment and, with my partner, embarked on a 11-months trip around the world. And that was the easy part. The tough one? Keep all the life lessons I have learned from the road in a “normal life” and share them with those looking for some tips on how to try to live a different (and hopefully better) life.

This blog is about sharing experiences, learnings, recipes. It is about asking questions and about realizing how the need for consciousness and self-consciousness will shape not only our own lives but the world we live in.


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