homemade mayonnaiseHomemade mayonnaise… We often say that homemade food is always different from the industrial one, but in the case of mayonnaise, the difference is immense. It should actually have a different name… One of my fondest childhood memories is when my mom was cooking French fries and my dad was making his homemade mayo. And what a mayo! So Dad, here is my version of it, let’s see what you think about it 😉

Mayonnaise, a.k.a. “mayo” is a very well-known dressing, especially accompanying fries. Its popularity is suffering though. First of all, it has left the homemade world and has become an insanely industrial recipe present in so much junk food: sandwiches, salads, hot dogs,… Too fat, bad for cholesterol, using chicken eggs, mayo has lost a lot of adepts. We could talk about a “Mayo-phobia” according to this article of Vice.

And it seems that this little condiment has been raising debate since, well… ever. But the first disagreements are not linked to industrialization or health consequences, but regarding its origin. Is mayonnaise French as its name would suggest? Or is it Spanish?

The Spanish version dates back to 1756 when Port Mahon was under siege by the French. The cook of Duke of Richelieu created a sauce there to celebrate the victory. Other sources explain that this would be a French recipe and that it was actually called “bayonnaise” after the city of Bayonne in the French South-West region. Another potential story is that it comes from “moyeu” an old French word meaning “yolk”.

Wherever it comes from, homemade “mayonnaise” is still an amazing condiment if you are making some French fries. When made at home, you can add the things that you want. In this recipe I have added mustard, lemon, pepper and truffle oil and I can guarantee that it tastes nothing like the one you would buy at a supermarket. It is “light” and tastes like a piece of summer.
The secret to it lies into one fundamental action: whisk, whisk, whisk. Your arm will hurt, but it is so much worth it.
The second secret lies in the fact that you have to drizzle the oil very, very slowly into the mix, otherwise your homemade mayonnaise will not reach its desired texture. So good luck and if you have any questions regarding the technique, do not hesitate to ask!
Perfect to accompany these Sweet Potato Fries:
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Mayonnaise with Pepper, Lemon and Truffle Oil Yum
This is my dad's recipe for homemade mayonnaise, a.k.a. "mayo", that I have slightly tweaked with lemon and truffle oil. Two secrets though: whisk, whisk, whisk and drizzle the oil very, very slowly into the mix.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Start by choosing a bowl large enough to whisk your mayonnaise comfortably.
  2. Add the 2 egg yolks, the mustard and the salt and pepper. Whisk it until you have a smooth but thick mix.
  3. Very slowly add the vegetable oil. This is key. Start by adding a tablespoon of oil. Whisk it until you have a smooth and thicker texture. Add another tablespoon of oil and whisk it until you feel it is even thicker. Add another tablespoon of oil and whisk it until you feel it is even thicker.
  4. When you oil have one tablespoon of oil left, add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the mix and whisk. When it is perfectly incorporated add your last tablespoon of oil. Whisk, then add the tablespoon of truffled oil, whisk it again and you are ready to go!
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